Ways to save money during your travel

Ways to save money during your travel

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Perhaps this is true, but not in all sense. As the cashless economy got a new shift and pace, industries active across the country got slowed with abrupt decision undertaken. With this, travel industry got jittered too. Though, tricks to travel cashless would be a kind way to let the decision not hamper one’s trip.

Saving money is good. It is very good and wise. In fact, people of all shape, size, culture, custom, and belief know the concept way before it is said to them. However, how and where is it possible are the still unsolved riddles.

Probably, the only area of saving money known to most of us are cheap accommodation and food. But mind you, there are other possible areas that can save a decent amount of money. Here is the list:

Choose train or bus over flight:

If time permits, choose the cheapest mode of transportation to traverse and enjoy the journey. No matter flights are coolest and quickest, but the genuineness of your travelling lies in the time spent in enjoying every moment. In flights, there is hardly any scope for enjoyment. On the other hand, trains are much more comfortable and you get to see all the views that just pass by in flights without you even noticing them. However, if flights are cheapest considering the other modes then the recommendation shifts to air travel. Furthermore, you may choose to book a flight in advance, so that you get some hefty discounts on your transportation.

Avoid peak seasons:

You may find people visiting certain tourist destinations during a particular month or season. Do not follow the herd. In fact, choose to skip the peak season to avoid getting looted. Truly, it feels looted when you have to pay three times the more amount than in regular or offseason. For instance, planning a holiday in Goa does not mean that you have to plan it in the month of December. Instead, choose a month prior or later. This way you save a lot on your stay, food, and internal excursions. There are hotels in Goa which offers best deals even during peak seasons. And the same room can be booked for a considerable cheaper rate if booked in off season or rather not a peak season. To add more, offseasons are also a great way to enjoy the trip completely, as the place would not be flocked by only tourists. Also, you get to meet genuine travellers who are on their way to exploration. So choose wisely and enjoy every bit of your vacation.

Say bye to expensive hotels:

There is a myth amongst the current travellers that only five-star hotels or luxury properties offer you good services. Probably, the concept of luxury V/S service has changed a lot in the past few years. Now, homestays have conceived the ideology to provide a comfortable stay to all, without hurting your pockets. Yet, you may choose to research and book hotels online that are luxurious, but offer best rateseven during peak seasons. Most of the expensive hotels offer stays for a cheaper rate in off season.

Think different:

You are well aware of the fact that most of the tourist destinations are expensive. It is indeed because we all visit these places. Thus the number of crowd visiting inflates the economy there. Why not choose the off-beaten track that is not yet explored by most of the travellers and enjoy the same bliss without pinching our pockets. For instance, you want to visit beaches, choose nearest destination over others. Your time, money and efforts all get saved with one decision.

Use public transportation:

Remember that no place exists without its public transport. A little research on what to choose from and how to get one will make a difference in your budget for sure. Instead, you get to see what you have not read online too and meet people who are glad to help on your excursion. Also, public transports are a great way to explore the destination.

Shop like local:

In fact, travelling excluding shopping is just a waste of thought itself. However, shopping only wise stuff is the best way to utilize your money and not just waste on stuff that has no substantial role in your life after your travel ends. Remember to buy products that are more important for you and your loved ones rather than collecting memories. To add more, you may choose to take photos of the items that you thought to buy. This way to make memories and would not waste a lot on branded items.

You may choose all the pointers given or a few of them, but these would definitely save a good amount of your money during your travel. Furthermore, there might be other ways that go unmentioned here, but your ways to curb the cost would help you travel more and enjoy more. So save and travel the world.