Some Mistakes Hotel Bookers Often Made Last Year

Some Mistakes Hotel Bookers Often Made Last Year

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When booking a hotel, most travellers considered it to be a fairly straightforward process. They expected to simply choose their destination, the date, enter their payment information, and then get on the road. However, there were some big mistakes made by travellers last year, in regard to making their hotel reservations. From booking on the wrong sites, to forgetting to double check important information, these miscalculations often resulted in money lost or serious delays in the fun of their trip. For this reason, travellers planning new trips this year would stand to benefit from paying attention to the ways they could save money and simplify the booking process.

Expecting Guarantees

When booking hotels through third-party sites, travellers undeniably saved money, but they also experienced one side effect of that choice. Most hotels offered first choice of room to those who booked directly, or were part of their loyalty programs. In short, these people paid a bit more for the privilege of choosing the best rooms in the establishment.

Inversely, those who booked through online third-parties were guaranteed a room but not a specific room. One option to remedy this option was to join loyalty programs for favourite hotels. Most of these programs were offered for free, and they allowed regular users the chance to enjoy better room placement, free nights, or helpful amenities such as complimentary breakfast or Wi-Fi. Those who booked through third-parties, to save money, could thus still save money while enjoying more control over their placement once they arrived at the hotel.

No Coupons

While third-party companies exist to help find lower rates, certain companies stand out from others as much better at finding deals. Many travellers chose to go online and visit sites, such as, to get the absolute best deals available. No matter where in the UK they travelled, or how long they stayed, clever travellers could trust the right companies to keep their hotel rates low. Without doing this, many people who booked lost money in the process, money which could have been spent on additional luxuries such as a day at the spa.

Incorrect Dates

Some travellers saw that their flights took off on a certain date and then went on to book hotels for the same night. However, flights occur at all times of the day and night, and some travellers did not find themselves arriving at their hotel until early the next morning. Not only did they accidentally book an additional room, but they could not get that money refunded to them. Therefore, travellers would need to consider every aspect of their travel to the hotel, before they set their dates in stone. Whenever possible, clever travellers double-checked their dates of arrival and departure, and they also made sure to consider time zones. When flying to the UK from another part of the world, for example, travellers needed to expect a dramatic difference in time, and would need to accommodate that difference when booking the hotel. With the right discount companies and preparations done, travellers were able to cut hundreds off their expenses.

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