Six Places in Portugal that Must on Top of your Travel Priority List

Six Places in Portugal that Must on Top of your Travel Priority List

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Portugal is a diverse country. You can go the beaches of the Algarve; however, never miss Coimbra, the historic university or the historic Sagres. Roam through Alentejo’s olive groves and cork forests or around remote Estremadura. Below are some of the best places you will wish to visit in Portugal. The popularity of Lisbon continues to grow as a record number of travellers visit the city. However, there are many other places beyond the capital. For your Voyage Uniktour Portugal, don’t miss the following places.


Baixa, the downtown area of the capital of Lisbon remains to be the conventional city life center where the oldest stores still exit. At the center of the city, the streets which are parallel to Rua Augusta determine the different craftsmen and tradesmen. Also, if you are in Lisbon, put the old hilly area of Alfama in your priority list.



The Palacio da Pena of Sintra is a 19th century Romantic revivalism in the country. This palace was constructed on the site of an old monastery that belonged to the order St. Jerome. The chapel highlights the palace’s interior. In of the wings of the palace, you can find an amazing view of the coast and Serra de Sintra.


This was used to be Portugal’s capital. However, it is most known for the University of Coimbra, one of Europe’s oldest universities. Coimbra is a maze of medieval streets and city of medieval churches.



Algarve is famous for its sun, sand and sea. Although its villages and regions have made it known around the world, it also has world-renowned golf courses. Faro, the capital of the area, is still almost the same as it was in the 18th century with a number of its neighborhoods intact. Don’t forget to visit Cape of Sao Vicente, one of Europe’s westerly points, and Fortaleza de Sagres, a 15th century fortress building.

Vila Franca do Campo, Azores

The nine-island group of Azores is scattered over many nautical miles roughly midway between mainland Portugal and Boston. The islands are famous for diving and yachting as well as cycling and horse riding. Vila Franca do Campo, the islands’ biggest town is surrounded by pineapple and orange plantations.



When you go to this city, remember to visit Igreja Matriz de Santa Maria, Igreja do Senhor da Pedra and Capela de São Martinho. The city’s most significant annual events are the Ancient Music Festival in October, the International Chocolate Festival in March and the Holy Week Festivitie.