Six Amazing Destinations for an Adventure Travel

Six Amazing Destinations for an Adventure Travel

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You have probably experienced wishing the place you traveled to was not very crowded. A theme park visit is expected to involve falling in lines; however, you assume that a nature getaway will not be crowded and full of wildlife. Unluckily, this isn’t always the case. You may trek up to a mountain for an adventurous selfie only to find a crowd of people. But, do not be discouraged, here are some adventure destinations where you can bring your luggage and travel gear without any frustration.

The Islands of Tahiti

Luxurious resorts, clear water and overwater bungalows are what you can expect from these pearls in the Pacific. This is the destination to make your dream adventure a reality.

Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska

This place will allow you to hire in and explore untouched vegetation with frequent stream and river crossings. To make the journey a challenging adventure, there is no access to visitor services, established campsites, trails or even roads. Thus, you really need some outdoor survival skills to get here.

Tiger Leaping Gorge  in China

You can find this site in the Yunnan province in the southwest of China. Nestled between Tibet, Vietnam and Laos, Yunnan houses most of the minority ethnic groups in the country. Apart from delving into the Chinese culture, you get exposure to a type of rugged, natural beauty. A traditional thatched roof home can accommodate you in Lijiang before you go trekking for two days alongside the gorge. Hike alongside and wave at the local farmers in agricultural plots and tip toe across waterfalls.


Virunga Volcanoes in Rwanda

This is a chain of eight volcanoes that reaches across the Congo and Uganda borders. However, i t is best to access the peaks in the Rwanda section because it is known to be more politically stable. A safari lodge can be your home base. For your adventure calls, have a trek to see wild animals. Also, you can take a long stroll to Lake Bulera or hike a volcano.

Saint Helena in the Atlantic

This remote island is said to be the exile site of Napoleon Bonaparte. You will feel lucky to discover the many adventures that await there because you won’t deal with competition from other visitors. You can get to this island only by boat. You will have to board the RMS St Helen or hop on a yacht. This remove place is a paradise for hiking and scuba diving. Many have called it the Galapagos of the South Atlantic.

Lofoten Islands in Norway

If you have a passion for water sports, this can be included in your list of adventure destinations. This sport is also perfect for hiking and skiing so your itinerary must also include land-based exploration with your rolling carry on luggage. Spend time enjoying kayaking between the different islands, sampling local delicacies in man y eateries and exploring villages. The safety, hospitality and remoteness of this place will steal your heart.


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