Six All Time Favorite Tips To Travel Smart & Safe

Six All Time Favorite Tips To Travel Smart & Safe

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While covering about travel, we tend to forget to highlight the things which should not be done while on a journey. Here we have come up with some helpful tips and travel warnings. These tips will surely help you from landing yourself in any trouble or an embarrassing situation.

  1. Do not fall for the interiors

If you do not want a hole in your pockets then, never think of eating at the restaurants or diners near tourist attractions. These restaurants might lure you in with grand interiors and promise of finest dining experience in the city, but at the end, you realize that the food was overpriced and is only half as good as the real deal. It is always advisable to explore the local streets if you want to taste the city’s delicious and popular cuisine. One of the best things to do while taking Mumbai to Kolkata flights is to see interiors of the airport.

  1. Do not be a failed early bird

It is always good to book your ticket early before your trip instead of waiting for the right opportune moment, that can really save a lot of your money. Buy your tickets only a few months before, when they are likely at their cheapest rates. If you are planning to go on a cruise, the game drastically changes. Here you are advised to book your tickets at very last minute since the agencies come up with mind-boggling last minute offers to fill cruises and group tours. Because they do not want there cruise to leave half filled.

  1. Time does matters

Covering distance on foot and losing out on that precious time of yours sounds really uninteresting. The time which you have already wasted could have been utilized in exploring different locations around in the city. You need to travel smart, but do not end up losing out on good experiences and getting back drained and exhausted.

  1. Explore the off beaten tracks

You should not limit yourself to the borders of your hotel rooms or just the buzzing tourist spots. We got to try out more good places like a village, a town, or that small diner down the streets. Engage yourself in some research, converse with locals or simply approach the travelers who have been to the same places and ask them about the unconventional places. You might end up finding more exciting places which set you off to a hidden waterfall, lake or an island. It will only enrich your journey more than any monument or museum you visit.

  1. Do not be a device addict

Do not forget that you’re on a vacation. Keep aside the constant need of checking your phone. This is only going to ruin your trip and you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty around you. Remember, Instagram, Facebook, and Messengers, and even your office work can wait. Ideally, you should interact with travel gadgets that include your camera and charger adapter while on a trip. During one of the Mumbai to Kolkata flights, I was joined by a teenager who just paid attention to safety instructions of crew as he was dwelled into his iPad. Avoid a similar situation which may cause embarrassment to you or your family.

  1. Safety first

The biggest mistake which travelers tend to commit is overlooking their safety, ignoring the fact that they are in completely unknown place. Without even realizing that it can get them into trouble in the most unexpected of situations and places. For instance, one should avoid walking alone after its dark – even if the places are being tagged as ‘safe’ and ‘friendly’.

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