New York helicopter tours – Tips for Identifying the Best

New York helicopter tours – Tips for Identifying the Best

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New York helicopter tours are the most thrilling when it comes to touring Manhattan and New York City in general. The experience of touring Manhattan is beyond description because the features and sceneries are just stunningly beautiful and having a chance to have bird’s view of such sceneries is very rare. If you want to see the landmark, islands, forests etc in Manhattan, then investing in New York helicopter tour is worth it. However, before you decide to book a ticket, it is vital to carry out research first. The following tips will help you in identifying the best New York helicopter tour.

It is important to make safe choices when choosing New York helicopter tours. Annually, many New York visitors take safe as well as scenic helicopter tours across Manhattan or New York. There are a number of risks in boarding helicopter. It is vital to know these risks. The incidences of accident are rare but they occur at occasionally. The question that you might be asking yourself is how you can make safe choices. Your first consideration when choosing a helicopter tour operator is knowing if the operator has Air Carrier certification or not.

You should also consider checking the accidents that the operator has involved in at the Safety Board. Internet is also helpful because it will allow you to access accidents database of the tour operator. Checking the entire accident database of tour operator can be time consuming, but a number of the accidents caused during tours in NYC are nonfatal and most of them mostly occur during trainings with no passengers inside.

It is important to understand the seating arrangement before you buy a ticket. All the helicopter tour operators have specific sitting arrangements where two passengers are usually placed at the front seats while the other four at the back seats which may result in to limited view. The types of helicopters the tour operator is using is also an important consideration. For instance, A-Stars helicopters are more spacious ad less noise as compared to Eco-Stars helicopters.

You will enjoy New York helicopter tours if are able to take photos. If you are a serial photographer, then taking doors-off tours is the best idea. This is because you won’t worry about the distortions as well as reflections originating from windows. This will enable you to take great photographs. The helicopter you are taking should have safety belts to hold you in position.

The New York helicopter tour you are choosing should allow you to book tickets online. Buying tickets online is a perfect way to get deals that will help you save some money. It is also important to time your time to avoid spending much on tickets as well as planning well ahead for the tour.

You should also know the specific location or sceneries you will be touring. All of the New York helicopter tours will enable you to view the scenery of your choice, so you need to check if your tour operator will be able to take you there.

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