I’m Not Really Sure Whether to Drive or Fly on the Next Holiday – What Shall I do?

I’m Not Really Sure Whether to Drive or Fly on the Next Holiday – What Shall I do?

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If you’re wondering whether to drive or fly for your next holiday, you should take into account a number of things. Obviously, some holiday can’t be driven too can they? For example, you can’t drive to Iceland from Britain.

And then there are some holiday areas which aren’t located too near an airport, which makes driving the only choice. (Although that is changing nowadays as more and more airports are springing up)

  • However, many people who wish to make use of a car at their destination to get some place, can rent one nowadays at very reasonable rates.

Matters of Cost

When considering whether you should drive or fly on your next holiday, the one thing that will have to think about is the cost.

  • Should you be able to get a great airfare priceto a particular spot from the likes of a great airline, such as BMI, then it will definitely be much more cost effective to fly.

It might work out somewhat cheaper to drive if you’re taking a family holiday, even though,as you are well aware, the cost of petrol nowadays is so expensive.

If Time is of the Essence

One more aspect that will help you to determine whether you should drive or fly is the distance are going to have to drive.

And this should be thought about with regard to the amount of holiday time you will be taking.

  • If you only have a short period of time to have a holiday, flying might just be a better solution, because it will obviously take a lot less time and will provide you with more time to relax and holiday.

But if it’s not

However, if time is nothing to worry about and you have plenty of it, plus the driving distance to your holiday location is within a couple of days travel, you can still take your time and enjoy your holiday destination, and drive. (Especially if you have a campervan or the likes)

  • But, if you will be driving along through areas which you know you won’t find of any interest, flying will certainly proveto be much more of a convenience.

Safety Matters

Finally, think about how you really feel regarding whether to drive or fly. You may be somewhat nervous when flying, which would make the driving choice a more attractive choice.

And then you may feel extremely stressed out when driving, which will not make for a relaxing holiday. (Especially when driving on the right hand side in Mainland Europe)

Using Your Intuition

If one way somehow “feels” better than the other, follow your intuition on which one to make use of. And remember that there are alternatives to the question of driving vs. flying.

Bus and train networks extend all around Great Britain and the continent, and even though they are a lot slower, they will eventually get you where you want to go. Bon voyage!

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