Gap Year- Taking time off from University

Gap Year- Taking time off from University

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Finished school? Thinking of taking some “time off”? Well, you are not the only one. Many students take some time off after high school known as a Gap Year. This time can be used to recharge and think about the direction to move in after 12 years of continuous schooling.

There are many things you could do during your time off. You could opt for some Bali villas for rent or volunteer overseas or even work the whole year to save up for your education. It might sound like a good idea to ‘get away from it all’ however it is important to assess the reasons.


  • Taking some time off can give you chance to take a step back and rediscover your priorities as a young individual. After continuous study, it’s not surprising to feel burnt out. Use this time to reflect on your past actions and really plan the direction you want to move forward. Look at your career options, spend time with family and friends. Do things you have always wanted to do. Use this time to reward yourself for your hard work,
  • Many students take this time to travel around the world. Nothing educates your better than travel. The experiences you have, the things you see and the people you meet can be great lessons for the future. Travel broadens mind and really helps you to understand the world from a different perspective. Go skiing in Canada or experience a Safari in Africa.
  • Many students prefer might working full-time and saving before beginning their tertiary education. The money you save can be handy when you decide to purchase your first car or home or even pay for your studies. You also gain valuable experience and get opportunities to network with industry experts that might be really useful when you want to apply for jobs later.
  • You could use this time to pursue other passions like creating your very own start-up company or write that novel you have been putting off all this time. You could really use this time as you wish and this will really set the course for your future.


  • You can easily lose track of the important things during the time off. You might forget the essentials you learnt during your time at school and this might make it hard to get back and continuing your study.
  • It can get expensive if you decide to spend your year travelling. Even though the idea of travelling around the world without having to worry about assignment due dates can be tempting.
  • Some courses require you to have lots of experience so taking a year off to travel might not be the best idea when you could be focussing on getting yourself ready for a steady career.
  • Taking a gap year involves a lot of planning. It’s important to stay engaged throughout that time as you won’t be in University so you should do plenty of research on work options, travel options and you have to really weigh the pros and cons of taking the year off compared to continuing with study.