France Seaside Vacation Rentals: Smart Tips for Finding the Best

France Seaside Vacation Rentals: Smart Tips for Finding the Best

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 The French Riviera, as well as the other seaside vacation spots along the country’s shores, make for a beautifully unique décor for your next summer holiday. In almost any location, you will find short term rentals for a perfectly tailored vacation, to suit your taste and budget. While most are holiday rentals of high quality, not all are worth the price. Below, you will see how these may differ and what should you look for in order to get a good deal.

The best places to rent

According to travel experts and Francophiles, the best vacation homes to rent are grouped in certain regions, which is highly convenient to visitors, since we are talking about well developed touristic areas. These regions are: Bordeaux, the Basque Country, Burgundy, Loire, la Côte D’Azur and Provence. If you’re targeting only seaside locations, then you may want to have a look at the Beach Spot: Cheap Vacations guide for this year.

Owner contact is essential

For your peace of mind (and for many other reasons), it’s best to focus on properties whose owner you can directly contact. Some agencies allow you to do so, others cannot provide you with the contact data. Choose the former or browse properties yourself. However, note that the language may sometimes be a real barrier. Many tourists are drawn to picturesque country regions where they can rent a small village home, a farmhouse or even a small chateau, but cannot properly communicate with the owner. In such isolated places, people tend to speak only French.

Watch out for the extra services

To make your holiday cheaper, book your French vacation home but skip the extras. These are additional services that usually fall in the luxury range, like personal concierge or private staff to cater to you. If you have selected an area that’s not completely isolated, you can surely do your own shopping, cook etc.

Research the area

You don’t want to find a splendid vacation home at a cheap price but find out you’re alone in the middle of farmland if your plan was to enjoy a bustling seaside resort. Therefore, gather all the relevant data of the region concerned. Make sure you know its precise location and not just approximate. The owner should be able to show it on a map or give you the address so you can look it up yourself.

French vacation rentals score high in the customer satisfaction department. They can also be pricy, so show around to find the more affordable ones.

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