Essential Criteria for Choosing the Best Hotel in Dubai

Essential Criteria for Choosing the Best Hotel in Dubai

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Once you have made the decision that your next vacation will be in Dubai, it is time to get to work planning the trip!

For some people, the anticipation that comes with planning makes it almost as exciting of a time as the actual trip. For others, the stress of making a finite decision feels overwhelming.

To aid you in planning your trip and ensuring that you enjoy the whole process (as much as possible), here are the essential criteria for choosing the best hotel in Dubai.

1. Location

One of the things many travelers don’t realize is how big Dubai actually is and how spread out the main areas are. For this reason, it is essential that you spend some time acquainting yourself with the Emirate before selecting a hotel to stay in.

Many travelers like to stay in the Marina where they can lounge around in Dubai beach hotels such as JA Beach Hotel and wake up with a stunning view of the water. Note that, for obvious reasons, these tend to be some of the most luxurious and sought-after rooms in the city (but are absolutely worth the price, of course!).

If you want to get a taste of luxury without going into debt, consider choosing a hotel in Deira or Bur Dubai.

Additionally, don’t overlook the charm of staying in one of the resorts that are located along the beaches of Jumeirah. Having soft green-blue sea and golden sandy beach on your front doorstep is guaranteed to make this a vacation to remember.

When looking at hotels in Dubai, keep the booking seasons in mind. Throughout the summer months, you can find many incredible deals as luxury hotels seek to offer rooms at a lower tariff. Moreover, during the festive seasons such as during Ramadan and Eid, luxury hotels are likely to promote deals as well.

2. Amenities

Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to which amenities are non-negotiables for their stay. However, there is no denying that the amenities a hotel offers have a significant impact on whether or not someone decides to book a stay.

Before you book a room, make sure to conduct a thorough research on what amenities are offered to ensure that you are going to be staying somewhere that meets your comfort needs.

This may mean a room that has an iron and ironing board, hair-dryer, make-up mirror, and bathrobes. Perhaps you need a kids’ club that can entertain your children for days on end, or a gym and a spa to ensure you maintain your self-care practices.

If you are going to need to work while in Dubai, ensure that your hotel has a business center, a coffee shop, or somewhere for you to be productive and avoid distractions.

If there are specific amenities that you require, make sure to read some of the customer reviews and search for any comments that mention these facilities.

3. Excursions
While the hotel you choose is undoubtedly significant when it comes to how much you enjoy your time in Dubai, the truth is that you are going to have to leave your hotel. To make your days just as enjoyable as your nights, look for a hotel that offers plenty of excursions and who are committed to assisting you in any way possible to ensure you have the best time in Dubai.

For example, the best mountain resorts in the UAE like JA Hatta Fort Hotel offer excursions for travelers who are looking to get some active outdoor experiences in their itinerary.

If that doesn’t sound like the right plan for you, look for one that offers horseback riding, desert safaris, or organized guided tours. Additionally, a hotel with a highly regarded concierge service (again, check the reviews!) will work with you as much or as little as you need when planning your days and evenings.

What do you look for in your hotels when you are traveling? What are your non-negotiables? Let us know your thoughts and experiences concerning this topic in the comments below!

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