Don’t Park at the Airport

Don’t Park at the Airport

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Getting to and from the airport is notoriously difficult; it’s known for being a very serious hassle. In fact, jokes have been around for a very long time about the subject matter, often saying that taking someone to and from the airport represents a very serious level of friendship. After all, it is representative of a level of hassle and responsibility that isn’t something you impose on loose acquaintances. To save yourself the headache and to not place the onus on your friends, your best choice is just to drive your own car to the airport. If you drive yourself to the airport, you don’t have to impose on anybody and you are in complete control of your holiday. You don’t have to worry about someone taking you to the airport too late and missing your flight, or someone not being there to pick you up when you land. With your own car, you can leave on time and get to the airport whenever you need; you can also trust that there is a vehicle waiting for you when you get home.

Parking at the Airport

Parking your car is the biggest expense you’ll incur when you drive your own car to the airport. You have to park your car for days or even weeks; while long-term parking tends to be a little bit more affordable than on a day-to-day basis, it’s still hideously overpriced. Airports, especially one like the Melbourne airport, are very large and set apart from the rest of the city. That means that the only way to park close to the airport is to park in their parking lot. They recognise their captive audience and charge way more than they should. There’s a way around this issue, though.


You can find quality long term parking in Melbourne if you look beyond the airport. There are many advantages and disadvantages to parking away from the airport lot. The primary disadvantage to parking away from the airport is that you will be a little further away, but this just means that you need to find a quality parking service that offers a shuttle to and from the airport. If you pick a reliable parking service with a good shuttle, the distance truly doesn’t even matter. They’ll shuttle you quickly and safely to and from your car.


There are many advantages to choosing a separate service for parking. You can comparison shop different services and only choose the one that is right for you. Some of the best parking services offer a range of services that the airport, for example, does not. For instance, you could find a service that offers car washes and general maintenance while your car is parked in the lot, which would serve as a great time-saver if you meant to get your car serviced anyway. You could drive it to your parking spot, have them fix it while you’re away, and then come back to a fully repaired automobile.

Look for a parking service that offers covered protection, like a roof or lean-to, to safeguard your car from the elements. Also, look for one that provides adequate security. Criminals love to prey on long-term parking lots because they know the owners won’t be coming back. 24/7 security is an absolute must for this reason.