Boombox Cafe: The Perfect Brewery for Beer Lovers

Boombox Cafe: The Perfect Brewery for Beer Lovers

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Beer is not only the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world, but also the oldest. Its existence stretches back to the days of ancient agriculture-based civilizations in the world. The significance of beer has not diminished with time. Famous festivals like Oktoberfest are celebrated even to this day in Germany each year, attracting millions of people from around the world. In India too, traditional beer using mallet or rice has been brewed for thousands of years and is mentioned in various ancient texts such as the Vedas before the British brought their version of this drink here.

The Best Spot for Beer in Delhi

If you are a beer lover looking for the perfect brewery in Delhi, Boombox would be the perfect spot. Boombox Cafe derives its name from a global street culture in which street dancers dance in unison to a boombox. This cafeteria is a partnership venture between restaurateur Priyank Sakhuja (of the Out of the Box, 1 Boulevard, Masha fame), model-actor Zulfi Syed and actor Aditya Pancholi.

Roasted barley and special yeast make the Boombox Special Beer that lends a touch of scotch to its taste. All the staple beers are served here. Wheat Beer is a hot-selling drink on the menu. They have cocktails of their own and they taste just as fabulous.

Other Popular Drinks

Sweet Child of Mine is a mix fruit juice with nice presentation. Cheap Lime Thrills is a multi-colour drink with shades of red, sky blue, and orange. It has an entrancing ice cube in it that keeps shifting to different colours, painting the drink into a rainbow-like canvas.  Citrus Cyrus is a Cherry Red drink made from cranberry juice that comes in a tiny cute glass with salt smeared on the top.

The Best Dishes

Boombox is popular for a lot of its dishes. This café is a resto-bar plus a lounge, serving Italian, Lebanese, Oriental, Arabian and North Indian delicacies. Baby corn Ka Hai Birthday Bash comes with a unique presentation. With a coating of baby corn flour on black pepper balls, the crunchy texture of onion, garlic, and chili sauce makes it a tasty deal. Hoton Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai is Chettinad Chicken Tikka with coconut froth, and crispy curry leaves. Something Is Fishy is a Kasundhi Marinade with cherry tomato, honey caviar, micro greens, potato chaat. Ho Gayi Teri Balle Balle is Paneer Tikka with the zingy combo of peppers and onions. Makhani Mayo Pizza is a thin crust rich pizza having a lot of versatile toppings.

A Pleasing Ambience to Relax Over a Glass of Beer

The café is spread over two floors – the upper floor has a light and airy seating space that merges into the outside surroundings. The entire setting is intentionally asymmetric with a lot of nooks and corners. The vibe of this hideaway is definitely grungy. The walls are brick exposed, there is graffiti sprayed on the walls and metal shutters on the windows.

You can expect to have a hearty meal and gulp down gallons of beer at just INR 1600. An added bonus is the terrific playlist to let your hair down to.