Benefits of a Cycling Holiday

Benefits of a Cycling Holiday

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The holiday season is right around the corner, and you want to make sure you make the most of your time away. Whether you want to explore Europe alone, with a companion, or in a group, a self-guided cycling tour may be just what you need to enjoy your time travelling. No matter who you find yourself travelling with, every leg of the trip will be at your own pace. The time you take to get in touch with the outdoors, find fantastic sights, and explore new landscapes will create memories to enjoy for a lifetime.

Get Off the Usual Trail

A cycling trip is different in that you have no cars to deal with during your time away from home. Cars have certain limitations that force you to stay within certain areas and miss out on hidden locations can be easily reached by bicycle. Squeeze down tight hiking trails, ride along the coast, and discover brand new areas that you never knew existed. By climbing onto a bicycle, you give yourself twice the options for finding adventure and all the opportunity in the world to make your holiday something amazing.


Self-guided cycling holidays allow you more freedom than any other type of holiday. Whether you want to spend all day riding to one location or just a couple of hours, you are the person in charge of your own timeline. In a car, you are trapped by your own luggage, the rules of the road, and how far your petrol can take you. Climbing onto a bicycle will completely remove the cost of petrol during your trip and allow you to go wherever you want to go the moment you decide to go there. You deserve the chance to enjoy true freedom after the bustle of your everyday life.

Weight Loss

It is unlikely to surprise you to learn that a cycling holiday often causes participants to lose weight over time. Bicycles run on calories, and the more you explore and ride during your trip, the more weight you are likely to lose in the process. For travellers with an appetite for delicious local cuisine and the need to find adventure wherever it can be found, the calories burned are a great benefit to a cycling holiday.


There are more than 100 different self-guided tours available for booking. These options allow you to customise your experience to your fitness level. If you love to travel rugged hills and battle against nature to find each new location, you have a huge range of options available. If you want something simpler and altogether less difficult, you have just as many tours from which to choose. By the time you finish your tour and return home, you may be in need of a new wardrobe.

Perfect for Children

Traveling with children can be difficult due to their easily distracted natures. By booking a cycling holiday, you give them something unique to experience and unlimited opportunities to find adventure. You may grow closer to them during the trip and ignite a fire for fun and exploration within them. The time you share with them on this trip will be simpler, more enjoyable, and fit to remember for a lifetime.

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