A Look into the Sport of Rugby

A Look into the Sport of Rugby

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There’s no doubt that our society as a whole absolutely loves sports. Regardless of what type of sport it may be, you’re guaranteed to see the stands full of enthusiasts, especially if it’s a major event or world tour. We go crazy over our sports teams, often combining ourselves with them and supporting them as if we were on the team ourselves; when your favourite sports team wins, you win. There are so many different sport that have gained popularity over the course of history, and the sports you pay attention to truly depends on where you live in the world.

What Is Rugby?

Rugby is a team sport that may often be compared to the American sport of football (not to be confused with the sport that Americans refer to as “soccer”). Rugby is a very popular sport around the world, and there are plenty of rugby world cup tour packages available on the market for people who would like to travel to attend the different events in support. Rugby is a very physically (and mentally) demanding sport that players will train for very carefully to ensure the sport is played safely and respectfully for all people involved. There are actually many different types of rugby that might be played, depending on your circumstances, abilities, and personal preferences.

Tag rugby is a much safer version of rugby, as there is no physical contact involved. Tackling is replaced by tag belts that can be pulled off a player to signify they have been “tackled.” Because of this, the game is suitable for all ages and strengths, as nobody will have to worry about being hit or getting hurt. Another non-contact version of the sport is touch rugby. Similar to tag rugby, tackling is replaced with the act of physically touching a person, their clothes, or the ball, to signify they have been “tackled.”

Rugby sevens is a version of the sport that can actually be seen at the Olympics in both 2016 and 2020. Rugby sevens is played with seven people on each team, compared to the typical team size of 15 players each. Other variations of team sizes include rugby 10s and rugby 12s. There is also a beach rugby that is played similarly to the structure of tag rugby.

Brief History of the Sport

It seems that the origin of rugby can be traced back to 1823 when a 16-year-old student by the name of William Webb Ellis decided to break the rules of football (America soccer) and run across the field with the ball in his hands. Within 15 years of that first account, there was already an official team and rules being formulated at Cambridge. Since then, rugby has only continued to grow in popularity, and the rules have been expanded and polished to create the structured sport we love today.

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