7 Things Worth Including In Your ‘To-Do’ List In Bromont

7 Things Worth Including In Your ‘To-Do’ List In Bromont

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Canada is known for its offbeat and small destinations, which work as the perfect getaways for city dwellers. If you are looking for a choice, Bromont should be on your list of preferred options. For the uninitiated, Bromont is around an hour’s drive from Montreal, and if you are in Quebec City, it may take around 3 hours. The drive itself is too enjoyable from most neighboring towns, but below we have listed down the things you must know about Bromont.

  • Bromont is located at the base of Mt. Brome, and therefore, you can only expect to see some amazing views. May to October can feel more pleasant, but for the local people, every weekend is special here. Soak in the weather and have a blast.

  • There are more than 100 kms of trails in Bromont, so if you are a fan of hiking, this can be your ultimate paradise by all means. Go the summit of Mt Brome when you feel like doing something more accomplishing.
  • Enjoy the spas. There are two very known spas here in Bromont. If you are in for a 50-minute massage with thermal experience, Amérispa Château Bromontis is the ideal choice, while you can also head to the Balnéa Spa, which is the other choice.
  • Stay at a great hotel. If you are looking for great hébergement Bromont, check online. Some of the hotels offer incredible services and facilities, and people coming for weekends often prefer staying indoors and enjoying the spread.

  • Go for mountain biking. For those who want more than hiking, mountain biking can be worth enjoying here. Enquire at the hotel to know more, because this is a small place with limited but good options.
  • Golfing is also something that can be worth including in your stay. Check for the options like Golf Château Bromont, or even Golf Royal Bromont. Alternatively, you can also head to the Chocolate and Confectionery Museum, which makes awesome chocolates.
  • If you love wine, you can also consider a guided tour of Léon Courville Vigneron vineyard. The settings of this location are wonderful, so it’s also a great place to have a picnic with your friends.

Want to get off from Bromont? Drive to the Granby Zoo, which is about 25 minutes away. Plan a bit in advance, and you can do more in your available time.

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